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Type B, Hot And Hot Sister In Law

Type B, Hot And Hot Sister In Law (2020)

RGenre: Drama, Film Semi
Quality: Year: Duration: 70 MinView: 33,442 views

The hottest sister-in-law who can’t live without a man, the sex scandal between two brothers, who will you be with tonight? Minsu’s younger brother Kyungsoo says she goes to bed at the house of Minsu and Younghee as usual. Young-hee, who is busy on a business trip, and Min-su, who went out for work, meets Young-hee’s younger brother, Ga-hee, who suddenly came to her home while looking at the house. Ga-hee, who had a beer with Kyung-soo, gets drunk and has sex with Kyung-soo. In fact, Ga-hee came when Min-su was alone to seduce his brother-in-law. Gahee wakes up from alcohol and quietly heads to Minsu’s room at night. Can Minsu really stand the temptation of Gahee?


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